Soils and Mulch

Newgrowth Landscapes can supply all the soil and mulch required for your commercial landscaping projects. Get in touch for a free quote!

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Soils and Mulch for Commerical Properties

Soils and mulch provide the nutrients required to help the plants, lawns and trees within your commercial landscape areas grow and thrive. 

We can supply and install the following products for your commercial landscaping projects:

  • Soil conditioning – to improve the quality and structure of your garden’s soil
  • Landscape mix soil – a versatile soil mix perfect for new plants and lawn installation.
  • Pine bark wood chips, and Karri, Peat and Jungle mulch – mulch and wood chips help retain moisture and improve the health of the soil, as well as reducing the incidence of weeds in your garden.
  • Rainbow stone and southwest river stone – pebbles can be used for garden paths, filling empty spaces and creating texture and character in your garden.

The above can be added to an existing garden or as part of a wider landscaping gardening project in which new lawns or plants are installed. 

Commercial Purposes Soil & Mulch

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